Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Countdown begins!!

Hello my fellow 7's. I hope this message finds everyone doing well. This is my next blog before I head to the beach for a couple of days.

As many of you know, we have had some rain and lightning as of late. The forcast for tomorrow is 30% chance and I am still considering heading out. I'm not worried about the rain...it's the lightning. Nevertheless, my sweet Ms. B. awaits.

You know, life is far too short. I heard today that one of my old bosses passed away recently. So, I will tell my story of him because it kind of makes me smile. This story revolves around my first encounter with him during an interview for a technical position.

Many people have some really strange hobbies. In this case old Ralph had a doozie! All in all Ralph was a good guy and had the best of intentions. So this is my tribute to him.

The story goes like this... I wound up getting this job. I had absolutely had no clue what I was doing, but old Ralph let me have it anyway. Ultimately it lead to other opportunities due to some good level of success, once I found out what I was doing!

Ralph was an interesting man. He calls me into his office one day for the "I want to let you get to know me" one way conversations that most managers have when they get a new person. He asked me about myself, about family, about careers goals etc. Once the general canned conversation he asked me about my hobbies. As soon as I opened my mouth, Ralph cut me short.

He started telling me about what he enjoyed doing. In this case he judged show chickens. Being the consumate redneck I sat there listening about how he had traveled all over and how people in the "show chicken" business were always after his services. This went on for quite sometime. Still, I sat there appearing to listen . All the time I am waiting and formulating my response for when there was abreak in the action.

Ralph always started his day with a honey bun and a Coke from the vending machines. So, as Ralph is talking and eating, I am waiting for that moment when I get to hit him with my response. Bear in mind... Ralph had this thing on his desk called "The Shaft". It looked like an old worn out crankshaft that had been used in many new guy conversations. Ralph went from " yea I really am in demand as a judge" to " if you aren''t the one giving the shaft, you get the shaft!". I got to tell you... my head was spinning by this time.

So I said " How do you judge them? By taste?" Without missing a beat Ralph continued on his own dissertation. I was floored that he was so absorbed in himself...
Rest in peace Ralph... you were a good man!!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

How hot can it get???

Today I was helping Ms. B. pack prior to her leaving for the beach. We had a great day and I was happy for her, but sad that it was going to be Wednesday night before I can get down there. And boy was it hot!! So I posted a photo of the snow storm we had this year to give you some cool thoughts.

We both knew it was hot today. I just didn't realize how hot. I got back home after she left and decided to take the old Harley out for a ride and grab some dinner. I got on the road and looked at the thermometer and it was somwhere between 105 and 115! I have to tell you I was looking for the closest body of water I could find. Mr. Snowman definitely wouldn't have lasted but just a few seconds. Nevertheless, boots, jeans means no swimming anytime soon. This is making me rethink my decision to ride the bike to the beach Wednesday night.

But as all good Harley riders know... not riding it down isn't an option. If anyone has any tips for staying cool on the trip let me know. Ms. B said that the traffic coming into Myrtle Beach was bumper to bumper. It looks like I may have my work cut out for me on Wednesday.

I hope everyone is having a tremendous weekend so far. Unfortunately I will have to miss Reggae on The Lake tomorrow. It sounds like it is shaping up to be a great event. So for those of you going please stay hydrated with some water every so often in between the adult beverages . Please be careful traveling across the lake on your way home. We've already lost a few people this boating season.

As promised I am including a few photos of some of our friends bikes. This is Mr. Allen Groff's bike, which took 3rd place in the Easy Rider show this year. This bike was painted by our boy Trey Steele of Trey Steele's Paint Shack. If you are in the market make sure to check him out.

All my best to all my 7's,

Big 7

Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday is here!!

Happy Friday 7's! Today is going to be hot hot hot!!!! It was 106 yesterday here in SC.

The ride and dine for next week is shaping up to be a great one. The group will be heading out to The Palms Grill and Bar for a few frosty beverages and all you can eat fajitas. I look forward to hearing from Ms. Teresa on the turnout.

I would like to thank you all for following the 7's. It should shape up to be a good blog.

I will be on vacation next week headed to the beach with my sweet girl to celebrate my birthday. I'm not sure what she has planned, but it will be good. I won't be able to make it down there until Wednesday night, so this will be the first Ride and Dine I have missed. Nevertheless Tejay and Ms. T will do an outstanding job I'm sure.

If you have any ideas for the blog make sure to post them in the comments. I will do my best to make it happen. We have some really cool people in our group and would like to make sure to get them some face time.

I leave you this morning with nothing but best wishes!

Take care until the next post...

Cornbread (aka Big 7)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Just getting started!

It appears that Myron Chinn will be the first Marine to read the 7's blog. As I am affectionately known as "Cornbread" I feel compelled to share that with you all. Just a little fyi...

Today I unloaded a motorcycle in my garage that belongs to a friend of mine. It was his Dad's bike. His Dad was tragically killed, not on the bike, but by other means. My friend is really struggling with having to handle all of the estate matters. So, if anyone is looking for a good starter bike at a reasonable price give me a shout. It would really help him out. It's a 2008 Suzuki Boulevard M50 wiith only 1200 miles on it. I rode it around the block before I put it in the garage. I have to tell you it was a saddening experience. This guy was cut short in the prime of his life.

As I told my friend, some of my happiest times have been on my bike. I'm sure his Dad was able to enjoy a few miles with no worries.

As we get cranked up I just wanted to give a shout out to three people that have built some outstanding bikes. The two bikes are Streetglides (Baggers rule). The bikes belong to my boys Bryan and Damon. They are both creations using Sinister Industries components and are just pure sick!! Good job guys. The third young man to give a shout out to is my boy Trey Steele of Trey Steele's Paint Shack. This boy can flat paint! Check him out at

www. treysteelespaintshack.com. Not only can he paint, but he is just a down to earth good guy that loves his family.

So I'll leave you with a few words...

  • Time is short. Live life to its fullest...

  • Take care of the people and the relationships that really mean something to you.

  • Always tell people that you love them. Some may think that's not cool, but who cares.

  • Be intentional with those you love and care about. Take the lead to give first and don't expect anything in return.

  • Remember those that struggle. Sometimes you know what's going on and other times it's completely invisible. A kind word costs nothing to give and can make all the difference to someone.

  • Be cool, but not arrogant. A little humility can open doors to wonderful things.

On a side note:

I found that there are other motorcycle interests that carry some variation of the Lucky 7 logo. We sincerely do not want to step on anyones toes with the name of our group. Our logo is different, but we all share a love for motorcycles and the fellowship that comes with it. Peace and nothing but the best to all that carry the Lucky 7.

All the best tonight,

Cornbread (aka Big 7)

The first Lucky 7's blog!!!

Well... where do I start? I have started a blog and how cool is that?

Our group is called the Lucky 7's. We are a Harley enthusiast group in Lexington S.C. that enjoys the road, cool bikes, good friends and great food. The 7's are a spinoff of our original group The Iron Cowboys. My road brother Big Randy got that one started, and it still is in existence today.

Big Randy was injured in a terrible accident that almost ended it. He was hit from behind by a woman that was doing 85 mph! As a result the accident left him with a shattered wrist, a fractured skull and a condition known as frontal dystonia. The muscles in the front of his neck fire all the time. Imagine a cramp in your neck that pulls your chin into your chest. It's painful for him and he has not been able to do some of the things that he always did. Randy has always been an avid Harley rider. He coerced me into buying my latest bike, a tricked out 2009 Harley Streetglide. Randy also introduced me to the love of my life, Ms. B, through motorcycles. I truly miss riding with him on a regular basis. He still rides, but not to the same degree. For me there is always an empty spot where my pal always rode.

But as the son of a former Marine Big Randy never gave up. He still seeks out a cure for the dystonia.

Of late I have started the Lucky 7's. We have partnered up with our local Harley dealership, Harley Haven in Columbia SC, for what we call Ride & Dines. Check them out! The Lucas's who own the dealership are tremendous people.

Tejay Lucas, the son of the owner, has been filling that empty slot in the formation until Big Randy makes it back. Then there will be three! We always ride together in the back of the pack to make sure everyone's ok. That's what Big Randy would do. Tejay and his wife Teresa have become dear friends to me and Ms. B. As a matter of fact Tejay built my bike. He and Teresa work together, ride together, pretty much do it all together. They are a true example of what a marriage should be. Besides...they have a pet pig named Pickles. How cool is that!

I hope to share a few stories on this blog. of the many people I have encountered as a result of riding a motorcyle. They are all tremendous and share a common bond of the road, the bike, and the friendships.

Until the next blog....
Brian (Big7)